About Us

In many parts of India including Kolkata, Chinese food is immensely popular. The reason is its great taste and fast preparation time. It is also less spicy in nature and so does not have harmful effects on health. That is why, it is found in five star hotels as well as family restaurants. There are many exclusive restaurants in Kolkata where only Chinese food is available. Chowman is a famous Chinese restaurant in Kolkata.

Ever since its inception in August 2010, the name of Chowman has become synonymous with authentic Chinese cuisine. There is a wide range of delicacies of chicken, fish, prawn, duck, crab, lamb, pork etc. in our menu. Our Master Chefs are best in the class and create magic in the kitchen. To maintain authenticity, we import all the essential ingredients, from sauces to cutlery from China and Thailand. Not only that, for the interior decoration of the restaurant, we have brought all the raw materials from the markets of Hong Kong and China. A cozy ambiance, contemporary elegance and an unparalleled service are all combined together to give the hospitality at every restaurant of Chowman a unique touch. This has made Chowman a most authentic Chinese restaurant in Kolkata. KNOW MORE